The ancient mysteries recognize, the Alchemical Wedding as the sacred union of the sun-moon, father and mother which was ritually applied to the head (the “cup”) with its associated secretions of the Pineal and Pituitary glands in the brain.Once the head of the phallic-shaped pineal gland is vibrating at the high frequency of spiritual illumination, it releases a pure light impregnating the bi-lobed pituitary gland which vibrates in union with the pineal gland. Opening the ‘third eye,’ which opens via the fusion of the essences of the Pineal (serotonin) and Pituitary glands and there production of neurochemicals (Pinoline and DMT) Melatonin, Hormones, Oxytocin, Vasopressin as manifestation of the divine essences in the Waters of the Grail.

One becomes ‘anointed’ (touched by God) through the mystical enlightenment experience which is triggered by the alchemical ‘union’ of these glands and their essences – being the ‘Chemical Wedding’ of the King and Queen’.

The Mercurial Waters of the Grail super conducts the DNA to braiding back into light and blossom as a Rose, the Initiate Phoenixes and Rose across the (outer ) illusion to be spiritually reborn within as being of fiery divine light" "-- Orion Middleton.

Rose Alchemy's purpose is to help guide you with tools in the alchemical healing, purification of body and mind.

We suggest that the process will be further supported by the Alchemical products and protocals, ingestion of Super Food and Elixiers, for the ,detoxing, alkalizing, mineralizing, energizing and nurturing of your alchemical transframtion of body, mind and soul. 



"The HumaLife Elixirs have may benefits one being for the health of your pineal and pituitary glands.


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Pineal Gland

The pineal gland runs on ATP generated from the mitochondria when the production of ATP diminishes so does the production of melatonin in the pineal .When the mitochondria in the cell of the pineal runs out of energy and can no longer make enough ATP instead they produce another compound called pyrophosphate which can actually do damage to the body, this element Binds or links up with calcium salt. As the pineal ages it calcifies and becomes hard.

Once the pineal calcifies its production of melatonin declines. When the levels of melatonin drop, the levels of other important hormones are altered including thyroid hormone and this result is less energy being made available to the cells of other body organs. Without enough energy the mitochondria in the cells of the other organ stop producing enough ATP and begin to produce the chemical that promotes calcification.


Pineal 60 ml. Pineal 100 ml. Pineal 500 ml.

Pineal is a synergistic blend of Life Crystals and fulvic acid concentrate producing a high frequency, high energy formula. Life Crystals developed by George Merkl are created from fruit, oolong tea, coffee and honey using a solar distillation process yielding a concentration of ATP/GTP in a ultra pure crystalline base of the 5 carbon sugars. When the combination of Life Crystals and Fulvic acid come together harmonious alchemy is achieved, providing us with the ultimate cell food. Fulvic Acid is a nano carrier for Life Crystals right into the nucleus of each cell where it instructs the mitochondria to make more ATP. A single molecule of fulvic acid carries more than 60 minerals and trace elements into your body’s cells.Proprietary blend of Sesquiterpenes, Sesquiterpenols, Monoterpenes and Terpenes which have been added homeopathically to assist in the oxygenation of the pineal and pituitary glands.

Fulvic acid, fruit, oolong tea, coffee and honey,
with Sesquiterpenes, Sesquiterpenols, Monoterpenes and Terpenes added homneopathically.

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Fulvic Acid

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Fulvic Acid all


Fulvic Acid
60ml, 100ml and 500ml

Fulvic acid is part of the organic humic structure in composition. Being a significantly smaller molecule than humic acid, it has the ability to penetrate the cell and mitochondria of the cell, attracting to itself 3 times its weight in heavy metals or radioisotopes altering the ionic form of those toxins, which means it is efficient in removing toxins out of your cells and out of your body. This wonderful molecule stimulates food metabolism of proteins to re-grow damaged and dying cells. It catalyzes vitamins, minerals, and improves enzyme reaction while scavenging toxins, heavy metals and radiation. Read More Here!

Ingredients: Our fulvic acid is mechanically extracted from certified organic humate mined in Alberta, Canada to provide the highest and purest concentration of 3% fulvic acid available on the market.

fulvic eye drops 

Fulvic Acid Eye Drops

Fulvic acid is an anti-inflammatory agent. Hospital eye clinic patients with ulcerous cornea infection had 94.2% success rate when treated with fulvic acid eye drops and injections. Especially effective with bloodshot eyes, Fulvic eye drops have had significant success in treating eye diseases caused by virus, bacteria, or fungus, and also in healing ulcerous wounds, relieving inflammation, and stopping hemorrhaging, without side effects. See more details about Fulvic Acid's effectiveness with eyes here.

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Humic Acid

Humic Acid

Humic Acid all

Humic Acid
60ml, 100ml and 500ml

Humic Acid is a natural ionic molecule extracted from ancient organic soil deposits, a key element for our nutrient starved world. These ancient soil deposits—named humus, or humin, from the Greek word for soil, is vital for the reversal and prevention of disease and essential for optimal health. Humic acid contains highly-concentrated minerals and healing substances. These healing substances are composed of long chain molecules which are high in molecular weight, dark brown to black in color and soluble in an alkaline solution.  Humic acid binds to both positive and negative charged ions making it the most powerful free radical scavenger natural anti-oxidant.

The humic acid molecule prevents viruses from re-attaching to host cells by coating the receptor sites of the viruses with a protective thin film, a process known as "viral fusion inhibition". This prevents viruses from binding with cells. This supports the body's natural ability to arrest the growth of the most threatening viruses.  Humic acid's function is to balance, energize all cell life and biological properties it comes in contact with. Black Gold Medicine as the ancients called it, was used throughout history and continues to this day to be used as an outstanding healing agent since the 14th century Ming Dynasty, China. Read More Here!

Humic acid is mechanically extracted from certified organic humate mined in Alberta, Canada to provide one of the highest and purest concentration of 12% humic acid concentrate on the market.

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Humic Acid Powder

Humic Acid Powder

Humic Acid Powder

Humic Acid powder can be used medicinally, added to food or taken as a supplement. It is especially effective used in agricultural applications. It can be applied dry, but it is more commonly mixed with water in a watering can, sprayer, or irrigation system. Although the application rate is very low, it is optimal, so applying more is not better.


A Regenerating and Rejuvenating Elixir for your Tummy



60 ml.100 ml.500 ml.

Containing, all of the lighter fractions of Humic Acids along with small amounts of Fulvic acids, Tumi-Love largely remains in the GI tract thus settling the stomach where it may help stimulate beneficial gut microbes. Tumi-Love may also help the GI tract resist infection by pathogens.All probiotics are foreign to our gut flora and only remain a short time unless replaced by taking more probiotics.  Providing the correct nutrients to the gut will stimulate production of our body’s own microbes and eliminating the need for foreign probiotics.

Fulvic acid will carry up to 60 minerals and elements directly into the cell, the added combination of humic acid provides the necessary elements in a bio available form so the cell can function at its optimum potential.As both fulvic and humic acid put a prophylactic coating on viruses receptor sites which stops viruses and bacteria from reattaching to the host cell, thereby stopping all viruses and bacteria.

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ATP Plus
Fulvic Acid with ATP and Life Crystals

Fulvic and Munic Acids, plus ATP



ATP Plus
60ml, 100ml and 500ml

ATP is the "most widely delivered high-energy compound within the human body." This enzyme molecule is considered the pure energy engine of life as we know it. It is used to build molecules, contract muscles and generate electrical impulses in the nerves. All fuel sources, grown naturally, like fruits and vegetables produce ATP that in turn powers virtually every activity of the cell and organism.  It supplies energy to the heart muscle, other muscles for movement and carries out many other functions. Studies suggest that it provides for 95% of all cellular energy in the body. Without it, life would cease. Our ATP+ has mechanically extracted fulvic acid added to the formula as a carrier telling the mitochondria to make more ATP.

Life Crystals have been extracted from organic fruit juices, oolong tea, coffee and honey using a solar distillation process, yielding a concentration of ATP and GTP in a ultra pure crystalline base of the 5 carbon sugars. Humalife 100% organic fulvic acid concentrate has been added as a carrier of ATP directly into cells, which tells your mitochondria to make more ATP. Read More Here!

Fulvic Acid, organic fruit juices, oolong tea, coffee and honey
"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open." -- B.K.S. Yearning

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Dr. Merkl's Renaissance Drink!

life crystal drink


This is the very last batch that Dr. Merkl made! A legacy batch of Doctor Merkl's pure

Life Crystals in its original bottle and label.

Life Crystals have been extracted using a solar distillation process, yielding a concentration of ATP and GTP in an ultra-pure crystalline base of carbon sugars.
Organic fruit juices, oolong tea, coffee and honey

Please visit SUN Nation for additional information and research on Doctor George Merkl and the ATP Factor,
his Life Crystals formula and other discoveries.

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ORMUS Minerals


Ormus Minerals

Rose Alchemy is proud to introduce another Ormus product under our new, Ormus Minerals label. Is a proprietary product made with the "Great Salt Lake Wet Method precipitate" from minerals. It includes various “charging” methods, which include Sonic Bloom type sound resonance and five Nobel Gases. Ormus Rhodium, Ormus Iridium and Ormus Gold are found in sea water in greater quantities than calcium and magnesium which are two of the most common elements found in sea water.

Our first Ormus Product, the ATP Plus Formula, contains Ormus in the form of Life Crystals from the plant Kingdom. Doctor Merkl was able to advance the basic ORMUS he created with the plant world by an alchemical process he discovered years ago while developing and creating creating clear diamonds. He applied this process to his Plant brew and was able to create a super charged purified form of the Ormus that was super assimilable when taken intervenously.


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