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Ultimate Super Cell Food

The Life Crystals contained within this ATP Plus are from Doctor George Merkl's legacy batch ( last batch ). ATP Plus contains 50% Life Crystals formula. The other 50% is HumaLife Fulvic Acid. Doctor Merkl stated that the liquid concentrate Life Crytals' molecule is large and would assimilate best if sprayed into the mouth under the tongue and held there for 2 minutes. His injectable Life Crystals was highly concentrated and refined producticing extremely greater results. The addition of the FULVIC Acid to the Life Crystals liquid concentrate makes the Life Crystals easy to assimilate.

ATP Plus is a synergistic blend of Life Crystals and fulvic acid concentrate producing a high frequency, high energy formula. Life Crystals developed by Doctor George Merkl are created from fruit, oolong tea, coffee and honey using a solar distillation process yielding a concentration of ATP/GTP in a ultra pure crystalline base of the 5 carbon sugars. When the combination of Life Crystals and Fulvic acid come together harmonious alchemy is achieved, providing us with the ultimate cell food. . Fulvic Acid is a nano carrier for Life Crystals right into the nucleus of each cell where it instructs the mitochondria to make more ATP.  A single molecule of fulvic acid carries more than 70 minerals and trace elements into your body's cells.

Free radicals are unavoidable and everywhere!
They become especially dangerous when they reach the inner structure of our cells,
which affects our DNA, cell functions and cell structure.

Life Crystals - ATP-GTP

Life Crystals, made of adenosine tri­phosphate (ATP) and guanosine tri-phosphate (GTP) and their precursors, are optically active and are capable of polarizing, absorbing and storing light.   One result of being able to provide concentrated, specially charged and readily available ATP and GTP, is that it is possible to ensure the optimum energy levels necessary for cellular and genetic repair, growth and function.   It is for this reason that the term 'reverse-aging' or 'anti-aging' has been used to describe their effects.  Additionally, the intravenous injectable developed by Dr. Merkl have been highly successful in treating numerous major diseases, particularly cancers and HIV.

Life Crystals
A Life Crystal - Doctor George Merkl

What is Life Crystal?

Dr. Merkl: Life Crystal is made up of adenosine phosphate, guanosine phosphate and five carbon sugars. Our DNA molecules are made from it.  They are the basic building blocks of life.   We take this from plants.   The adenosine and guanosine phosphates come from genetic material of plants, like lettuce, tea etc.  The five carbon sugars come from fruit juices, organically produced, very high purity fruit juices.   You reap off the carbon and you have five carbon sugars.  You add a phosphate to it and you have sugar phosphate (fructose and glucose phosphates).  These are intermediates in the process of a new cell making ATP.

Dr. George Merkl's pleomorphic breakthrough was made possible by his discovery of Life Crystals:

". . .composed of tiny, pyramid shaped crystals of ATP, the chemical fuel that powers the machines of our bodies. ATP is the energy molecule of the body, the muscles 'burn' ATP when they contract. These crystals are what spawned in the oceans of all worlds to trans-duce Life down from the bi-directional electromagnetic wave structure in the scalar potential of vacuum".  – Dr. George Merkl

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ATP Plus
Self Love


More on Futuristic and Experimental Research with ATP

ATP Plus combined with Fulvic Acid is a synergistic blend of Doctor George Merkl's Life Crystals and Fulvic Acid Concentrate, producing a high frequency, high energy formula. The highly refined form of Life Crystals, the Sumerian Formula is capable of feeding your cells powerful anthocyanin, carotenoid and antioxidants, realigning your DNA to original blueprint to re-grow brain cells, reduce physical and emotional stress, have more stamina, focus and endurance. The Life Crystals have a more diluted form of the Sumerian Formula crystal potential and require regular usage over a longer period of time to achieve results. This time period depends on many factors. How toxic are your cells? This formula is a powerful natural cheater of your body over time if you are constant and committed.

Life Crystals were developed by George Merkl and were created from organic fruits, oolong tea, coffee and honey using a special proprietary solar distillation process yielding a concentration of ATP/GTP in a ultra pure crystalline base of the 5 carbon sugars. The active ingredients is certified organic 3% active Fulvic Acid and 50% Life Crystals extracted from organic fruit, honey, oolong tea and coffee. The extraction of the energy molecule ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate) and GTP (Guanosine Triphosophate) in a solar distillation which yields a powerful concentration. This process utilizes the suns' natural energy to distill a concentration of ATP and GTP crystals or "Life Crystals". Fulvic Acid assists in carrying the Life Crystals directly into the cells.

Our fulvic acid has been mechanically extracted which provides us with one most potent pure source of fulvic on the market.

Fulvic Acid is a natural nano carrier for transporting Life Crystals directly into the nucleus of each cell where it instructs the mitochondria to produce more ATP. A single molecule of Fulvic Acid carries more than 70 minerals and trace elements into your cells. It is capable of increasing light frequencies inside your body, regenerating and rejuvenating your entire being. Now combined with the Life Crystals to create the ATP Plus.

The results of the combination of the Life Crystals and the Fulvic Acid is an optimal energy flow increase. Fulvic stimulates food metabolism of proteins to re-grow damaged and dying cells. It catalyzes vitamins & minerals, and improves enzyme reactions, while scavenging toxic heavy metals and radiation. Life force returns and youthful feelings resonate in a healthier body, mind and spirit.

The body contains in most cases less than 100 grams of ATP at any given time, however, the body can consume up to 100,000 grams of ATP per day. ATP is the life force of agelessness giving the body the energy it needs to reduce and eliminate toxins, overall strain, and chronic fatigue.

ATP is the currency of energy in our cells, and like all valuable commodities it's in rare supply.
Every day your cells react their way through about 60 kilograms of ATP

ATP+ Benefits for Active Lifestyles

ATP assists the body in discarding toxins and build up that has accumulated over the years effecting the glands, organs and joints. You may experience brief symptoms associated with purging toxins and it is important not to suppress these temporary symptoms with allopathic drugs as it will ultimately cause more toxicity and only interrupt the purging healing process.


A powerful restorative and energizing formula for stamina and endurance.
"The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition and, as far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.” -- Dr. Alexis Carrel Nobel Prize

Are you deficient in ATP? You are ATP deficient if you have anabolic disorders like Fibromyalgia, cachexia, Chronic fatigue syndrome and heart diseases. Mitochondria needs all of the their essential vitamins, mineral and essential fatty acids and amino acids to function property. ATP is needed to allow these nutrients to uptake in the body which lights up each cell as in a battery.

Our ATP Life Crystals has been extracted from fruit juices, tea, coffee and honey using a solar distillation process yielding a concentration of ATP and GTP in an ultra pure crystalline base of five carbon sugars. Fulvic acid has been added as a carrier of the ATP directly into the cells. HumaLife ATP Plus has mechanically extracted fulvic acid added which tells transmits to the mitochondria to produce more ATP on demand...


•  Regenerating and rejuvenating
•  Regrows cells
•  Repairs DNA
•  Restores your life force
•  Activates thyroid function
•  Boosts cellular ATP
•  De calcifies the pineal gland
•  The ultimate cell food
This is your natural health insurance to optimum health and well being.

quan yin lotus
Quan Yin Lotus, Divine Mother of the Universe


Adenosine Tri-phosphate

ATP is the “most widely delivered high-energy compound within the human body.” This enzyme molecule is considered the pure energy engine of life itself.

It is used to build molecules and repair cells, contract muscles and generate electrical impulses in the nervous system. All fuel sources, grown naturally, like fruits and vegetables produce ATP that in turn powers virtually every activity of the cell and organism.  It supplies energy to the heart muscle, other muscles for movement and carries out many other functions. Studies suggest that it provides for 95% of all cellular energy in the body. Without it, life would cease. Our ATP+ has mechanically extracted fulvic acid added to the formula as a carrier telling the mitochondria to make more ATP.

Mitochondria needs all the essential vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids to function properly. ATP is needed to allow these nutrients to be used in the body to bring your cells to life.. It is the life force of agelessness.

The normal amount of ATP stored in the body is around 50 grams, which must be constantly recycled every day. This is just the normal “on-hand” amount at any given time in our body, not what our body produces on a daily basis. ATP is synthesized in the microscopic size energy factories called mitochondria which generate energy by oxidative metabolism. Fulvic assists in this process in the form of ATP ( adenosine tri-phosphate) which when hydrolyzed to the diphospate ADP releases energy to produce muscle contracts, nerve impulses and all the energy consuming processes including the the chemical energy needed to synthesize all the complex molecules within the body.

On average the metabolic energy a person generates is enough to produce his or her own body weight of ATP every day just to function and every second our 50 trillion or so cells consume and regenerate 10 million molecules of ATP. Studies have provided evidence that when resting we need around 88 lbs of ATP every 24-hours. The amount we need can increases up to 1.1 lbs per minute as we become more active. The more active the muscle the more ATP it requires.


Life Crystals have been extracted from organic fruit juices ,oolong tea, coffee and honey using a solar distillation process, yielding a concentration of ATP and GTP in a ultra pure crystalline base of the 5 carbon sugars. Humalife 100% organic fulvic acid concentrate has been added as a carrier of ATP directly into cells, which stimulates your mitochondria into producing more ATP.

Since Life Crystals hold all glucose-fructose phosphate components with all adenosine and guanosine phosphates, it can be used safely at cryogenic temperature to preserve life in suspended animation. Even at room temperature, it will support life in water solution or encapsulating genetic material in Life Crystals.

cosmic bio machine
Doctor Merkl's' Life Crystals' Cosmic Bio Machine,
SUMER Tech 1995

"With the discovery of the Life Crystals, I was able to mass-produce layered and stacked protein beta-sheets to produce living crystals in cosmic order. These crystals are able to self-hologram and self-replicate themselves by copying via a holographic pattern. " -- Dr. George Merkl

The Life Crystals hold all the building blocks required for the genetic process, much as AMP-ADP-ATP-GM-GTP-Nucleosides-nucleotides. This includes the components of carbon sugars and sugar phosphates like fructose-fructose phosphates, glucose-glucose phosphates. The fructose-glucose phosphates act as transport media across the cell membrane to deliver the adenosine and guanosine phosphates.  ADP-GDP ATP-GTP will bind to the hasten smart proteins while Life Crystal is depolarizing the water.

ATP model jpg.jpg
ATP model with hydrogen shown white, oxygen red, phosphorous orange,
nitrogen turquoise, and carbon black, and with ions marked by a negative sign (-)

Recommended dosage:.

2 to 10 drops in a glass of water 2 to 3 times daily...
Humic Acid is used for both internal and external application.
Safe for all ages and your Pets too!

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ATP / GTP -- Building Blocks of Life

From the work of Exobiology pioneer Dr. Stanley L. Miller,
University of California, San Diego

Making the building blocks of life seems to be relatively simple - one can imagine such a process happening all over the universe, wherever there is sufficient abundance of elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen ("CHON" - as these comment life-building elements are sometimes called). The next steps of building single-cell organisms and, eventually, mammals, are much trickier.

Electrical discharges were used in the Urey-Miller experiment to provide energy in a rapid fashion (to speed up the chemical reactions). What other sources of energy were available for such chemical reactions in the early solar system? (Not necessarily as intense as lightening).

The elemental building blocks (CHON) and the amino acids of the Urey-Miller experiment are just the very beginnings - they from a wide variety of simple chemicals ("Primordial Chemical Diversity"). From these simple ingredients chemistry evolved (via "Prebiotic Chemical Selection") to Self-Organizing Chemical Systems. See the "Hourglass of Life" diagram below.

The big mysteries are how these chemical systems evolve into biology - that is, how does life begin? Were there many different early biological systems and only one system "won"? ("Biochemical Diversity" means many different biochemical systems but these were still very simple in nature - having "Morphological Simplicity"). If we found life elsewhere would the same biological system have inevitably arisen?

All life on Earth shares the same basic biochemistry ("Biochemical Uniformity") - using the ATP molecule to store energy and DNA/RNA to carry genetic information.   As biology evolved, this same materials were the foundations of a wide variety of kinds of organisms ("Morphological Diversity") - from microbes to slime molds, to plants and animals.

The planetary bodies listed on the left of the diagram [above] are the places where we might explore for evidence of processes along this evolutionary path from chemistry to biology.  Farther out in the solar system we might expect to find earlier and earlier stages - primordial or per-biotic processes.

"A NEW AGE FAMILY of Cosmic Scientists and Engineers, along with their production teams and assembly workers, are already here and ready to serve us freely.  They could be put into SERVICE to revolutionize every spectrum of human endeavor in all our industries.  This potential is hard for even me to comprehend.  They could recycle the excess Co2, saving us from the negative effects and turning it all into clean, natural food (glucose - ATP).  They could build industry for us, eliminate all diseases forever and help us to re-grow new limbs and organs within our bodies.  But most of all, they would give us those extra years for further space exploration.  .  .inner and outer space exploration, that is!   This is not in the realm of science fiction.  .  .my Cosmic guys are here now to prove it.  See them for yourself!" -- Doctor George Merkl

What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic Acid Chart
Fulvic Acid Chart

Fulvic acids are formed over millions of years via microbial metabolism of decaying vegetation and they are involved in the same process which forms coal and, eventually, diamonds and is therefore an integral part of the carbon cycle.

Fulvic acid appears to be a truly remarkable nutrient with the ability to help prevent, or ameliorate the symptoms of, a number of common diseases when applied to any living thing. Fulvic acid removes the cause of the problem and returns our bodies, our pets or livestock and our plants to a state in which they were designed to work. Toxin free. Once toxins are allowed to build up, they can impair plant and animal cell function and cause disease.

Fulvic acid can also balance mineral deficiencies or excesses by evaluating the needs of the cell, thus providing optimal nutrition required for healthy cellular processes, and reducing the risk of disease. The oxygen content of fulvic acid is also vital to its health giving properties and no other nutrient possesses and transports bio-available oxygen directly into our cells. It is this aspect of Fulvic Acid which allows it to be useful for athletes and sports people. Prolonged use of Fulvic Acid has allowed athletes to train harder and recover quicker due to a decreased oxygen debt following exercise and this same effect has been observed in race horses.

It is now thought that there is a direct link between the gradual loss of fulvic acid in our soils to the deterioration of human health and rise in non-communicable diseases over the last 50 years. The awareness and importance of re-introducing fulvic acid into our soils along with adopting an organic approach to agricultural practice has increased dramatically among scientists and food manufacturers are now fortifying products with fulvic acid in light of an increasing number of positive research articles regarding the importance of this nutrient to human, plant and animal health.

jacksonSoil Conditioner.jpg
Organic Soil Conditioning with Humic and Fulvic by Doctor William Jackson

Professor Jackson's book overviews over 1,500 researchers and authors. He has examined over 70,000 pages of documentation from universities ,researches, and authors all over the world. Prof Jackson has explained why balance is essential to a healthy world and how it can be achieved.

A thorough reference book that summarizes over nine years of Dr. Jackson's concentrated research and writing interests. written for a diverse audience, the text is useful for gardeners, farmers, ranchers, agricultural researchers, everyone interested in safe, sane and productive growing, and those interested in nature's natural, biochemical remediation processes. Dr. Jackson advocates a wider use of organic soil conditioners to improve fertility and supports this position by detailed discussions of scientific evidence.

Click here for more on Dr. William Jackson's Bio-Remediation Care and Share

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