Ormus Minreals
Rose Alchemy would like to thank and acknowledge Dana Dudley
for making this outstanding product available and for all her years of research and testing.

Ormus Minerals is a proprietary product from Utah's Great Salt Lake. Precipitate is extracted by a proprietary "wet method" and is processed by a nuber of “charging” methods, which include resonant frequencies similiar to the Sonic Bloom process, and infusion of the five Nobel Gases. This formulation of minerals has been used widely for over 30 years.

The electromagnetic properties of Ormus are well documented. One drop of Ormus can power a light bulb!

Each and every batch is tested for heavy metals at an independent lab using EPA approved methods. In every single test run since beginning this program of testing, lead, aluminum, cadmium and mercury have been well within safe limits.

The most well known and widely sought after elements of Ormus Minerals are superconducting and mono-atomic Rhodium, Iridium and Gold. These minerals are found in sea water in greater concentrations than calcium and magnesium.

Superconductors resonate and connect via the Meissner effect. As Ormus Minerals are superconductors at biological temperatures, we expect the Meissner effect to be evident in the body. We believe that this resonance coupling capability allows these microcluster (monatoms and diatoms or m-state) elements to transfer information about healthy DNA to the damaged DNA in ther cells. We believe that Ormus Minerals mediate the repair of the DNA through resonantly coupling with healthy DNA information, using the healthy DNA template for repair of cellular structures..

Applications of Ormus

Internal Use as a Supplement

Ormus minerals are 100% Ionic and its molecules spin in perfect unision, allowing the body to see them as food. Ormus Minerals will enhance any supplement it is placed with, potentizing and increasing bioavailability.

Chemically speaking,Ormus minerals have electrolytes and are substances that become ions in solution and acquire the capacity to conduct electricity. They are present in the human body, and the balance of electrolytes in our bodies is essential for normal function of our cells and organs. They are what your cells (especially nerve, heart, muscle) use to maintain voltages across their  membranes and carry electrical impulses (nerve impulses, muscle contractions) across themselves and to other cells, controlling how cells communicate with each other and how efficiently they take in nutrients and expel waste, etc…allowing them to function as a whole within the body.

Your kidneys work to keep the electrolyte concentrations in your blood despite changes in your body. When you exercise heavily, you lose electrolytes in your sweat, particularly sodium and potassium. These electrolytes must be replaced to keep the electrolyte concentrations of your body fluids constant. That is what sports drinks were originally designed to do-replenish the sodium and potassium that was lost during exercise, unfortunately now they are sugar and chemicals.

The major electrolytes:

Healthy Hair

Never want to get gray hair? Take Ormus Minerals as a preventative. If you have gray hair already, three years on Ormus Minerals and you will have none!


The inventor of our proprietary formulation used to masage Ormus Minerals into his scalp and rub it in every single night. It will make skin shine when it is applied to the skin. One formulation places two tablespoons of Ormus Minerals into a quart of coconut oil. This can be rubbed all over your skin every morning after a shower. For the ladies, your husbands will tell you how amazingly soft your skin is if they don’t already do this.


The use of Ormus Minerals in agriculture is well documented and studied. Detailed studies of our Ormus Minerals being used on numerous crops and in varied environments can be found at: http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/ormusplants.htm Following is one example:

"Professor Hou Tian Zhen, the director of the Department of Tree Physiology and Biochemistry at the Xinjiang Academy of Forestry Sciences in the People’s Republic of China, led a team of researchers evaluating the use of it in three separate experiments.
In 1989, the first experiment, conducted in the greenhouse at the An-ning Experiment Station, tomatoes treated with it averaged nearly double the number of flowers per plant and 27% more fruit.
In 1990, a field experiment at the An-ning Experiment Station demonstrated that the treated green beans increased yields by 81%, sweet beets yields increased 67%, and soybeans increased 29%.
In 1991 a large-scale field experiment was conducted using watermelon plots 300 meters apart in a field at the An-ning Experiment Station. Treated melons yielded 65% more than the control group.
Professor Zhen noted the hypotheses that might explain the mechanism of yield increase. While some scholars suggest it might effect the wider opening of the stomata (pores in the under side of the leaf through which gases flow in and out of the plant), another explanation was given by Dr. San Lunjing, professor at Zao-Dao-Tian University in Japan. He suggested the bioelectrical potential is shafted when the plant receives the stimulation. The shaft, in turn, generates ionic flow and such ionic flow stimulates cells resulting in optimized growth.
'In our cooperative research in plant control systems with Qing Hua University, China, we were able to detect the sound produced by Haiyu plant using a laser resonation method. We also found that a plant can selectively absorb sound waves at a certain frequency… Our research is underway to investigate changes in plant photorespiration, enzyme activity, and hormones when a plant is exposed to sound wave stimulation.'"

Liquid Chemical Analysis :

This information is a summary of analysis of data from numerous different analyses of Ormus Minerals from more than 12 labs in 3 different countries over several tears. The labs include private labs, government labs, government certified labs, university labs and our own in house lab. The data from these tests has been used to establish future label claim amounts and information and to establish and validate quality control and standardization. We have diligently searched for the best analytical labs in the world to test our products.

Ormus Minerals is a natural product using natural methods. Because of this some natural variations exist from batch to batch. Even recognizing this, it appears that in most cases, the testing variation between tests is greater than the variations. The results from the many lab tests have been used to validate (or in some cases, invalidate) each other. No single lab ot testing methodology has been able to accurately test for all elements presently contained in Ormus Minerals. It has been our experience that identical samples sent to different labs, or to the same lab on different days, or even to a single labs part of a batch sample for the same day testing will yield different results. These variations have been used to establish ranges and margins of error. In a material as complex as Ormus Minerals, accurate testing can be difficult, and establishing and determining proper testing protocols can be difficult. For example, “shadowing effect” can be particularly difficult to deal with.

Testing Protocols for some elements have been determined, others are still being researched and are all continually being refined. For these reasons, no single test should be considered as absolute. We have concluded that valid technology has not yet been developed to fully and accurately analyze a product such as Ormus Minerals. Additional and more detailed test results are available upon request and with proper qualification.

Elements in Ormus Minerals:

The first seven elements are tested on a batch by batch basis. Following are the results:

We test our ponds regularly for a broad spectrum of contaminants, including test during every major harvest period. Contaminant tests include organic and petroleum chemicals, agricultural chemicals and pesticides, and heavy metals. Heavy metal testing also provides some data on additional trace elements. Complete spectrum trace element testing is done periodically, and has been done using a number of different methodologies.

Following is a list of those elements that have been found in Ormus Liquid Trace Minerals, in approximate descending order. (This order is approximate because not all lab agree, even on identical samples from the same batch, and because there could also possibly be some natural variation from harvest batch to harvest batch) When reporting test results, most labs commonly use the term “less than” or some variation of “less than”<, dl, etc) to indicate the element was not detected or was clearly not readable. When this term is used, it means the element may or may not be present at all, and if present, is less than the detection limit for that element. The following list does not include any element listing "less than","<","dl" etc. unless at least one lab clearly indicates that the element was actually detected.

  1. Cl - Chloride
    Mg - Magnesium
    S04 - Sulfur as total sulfate
    Na - Sodium
    K - Potassium
    Li - Lithium
    Br - Bromide
    B - Boron
    Ca - Calcium
    HC03 - Carbon as total Carbonate
    F - Fluoride
    I - Iodide
    Si - Silicon
    N - Nitrogen
    Se - Selenium
    P - Phosphorus
    Cr - Chromium
    Ti - Titanium
    Rb - Rubidium
    Co - Cobalt
    Cu - Copper
    Fe - Iron
    Mn - Manganese
    Sb - Antimony
    As - Arsenic
    Mo - Molybdenum
    Sr - Strontium
    Zn - Zinc
    Ni - Nickel
    W - Tungsten
    Ge - Germanium
    Pb - Lead - - Less Than 1ppm*
    Al - Aluminum - - Less Than 1ppm*
    Sc - Scandium
    Sn - Tin
    La - Lanthanum
    Y - Yttrium
    Ba - Barium
    Ag - Silver
    Cd - Cadmium - - - Less Than 0.2ppm*
    U - Uranium
    Ga - Gallium
    Zr - Zirconium
    V - Vanadium
    Be - Beryllium
    Te - Tellurium
    Bi - Bismuth
    Hf - Hafnium
    Tb - Terbium
    Eu - Europium
    Gd - Gadolinium
    Sm - Samarium
    Dy - Dysprosium
    Ho - Holmium
    Lu - Lutetium
    Tm - Thulium
    Er - Erbium
    Yb - Ytterbium
    Nd - Neodymium
    Pr - Praseodymium
    Nb - Niobium
    Ta - Tantalum
    Ce - Cerium
    Cs - Cesium
    Au - Gold
    Hg - Mercury - - - Less Than 0.1 ppm*

    Plus the six Nobel Gases, which have never been tested for, but are present in sea water and are presumed present in the Great Salt Lake, plus of course, Hydrogen and Oxygen as H20.

    *Each harvest batch is tested for heavy metals at an independent lab using EPA approved methods. In every single test run since beginning this program of testing, lead, aluminum, cadmium and mercury have been below the amounts listed.

Testamonial -- King Tut the Cat

The most famous story of all though is the story of King Tut the Cat – it’s the founder’s cat (founder is the woman in the photo below) and that cat had somehow come home with its tail missing! It had been cut off at the root almost! Well, the founder put in 5 drops of Ormus Minerals in about 1 cup of water in the morning and then empty that cup, and then at about 5pm IF any left in that cup of water, she would put in 5 more drops in that afternoon into another full cup of water or so… actually it probably held about 2 ½ cups if I remember the story right…. this tiny little cat would take to that water like magic, Ormus Minerals seems to attack animals to drink water more frequently and in a larger amount, go figure! It does NOT taste good to us Humans haha! After drinking the water, the cat would continually lick it’s stub of a tail, but the cat would constantly lick and lick it after drinking the Ormus Minerals in water. Well over a period of a few months the cat totally regrew it’s tail.

ormus cat
The above picture: This is Tut the cat. Tut was born in April of 2003.

This person, Dana, found him on May 23, 2003. He had lost his mommy and was starving. He cried day and night till May 26. Dana put him on the back porch that evening because his crying was keeping everyone awake. She left the outside door open a bit in case he had to get out. There was a big storm that night and part of the roof of an outbuilding collapsed. The next morning Tut was sitting on the back step but his tail was almost completely severed. Tut's tail came completely off in a day or so.

ormus cat tail
Above picture: is the portion of Tut's tail that came off.


ormus cat drinks
Above picture is the founder feeding TUT directly out of her hand.

She’s used an ormus product called Cleopatra’s milk to illustrate that despite this not being for consumption, that the cat would lick it out of it’s hand without measure WHEN the Ormus Minerals was in the Cleopatra milk (I think it’s a very superior and clean form of facial lotion, not the poisonous filth hydration and facial lotions that are sold in all beauty places as well as walmart lol) Anyway, despite how amazingly awful Cleopatra milk tastes, the cat would still drink it endlessly when Ormus Minerals was in it!

ormus cat tail. 3 jpg.
Above picture: you can see how Tut is re-growing his tail.

The red tip is the newest segment. Now and then, Dana has seen bone forming at the very end. It has grown about five inches as of August 14, 2003

ormus cat tail grown back
Above Picture taken with Tail fully regrown in 2007 by request from those in the Ormus community!

Many in the Ormus Community are unaware of the magnificent use of Ormus Minerals on this Cat thinking it was Cleopatra’s Milk or some other Ormus Product! IT WAS NOT… Cleopatra’s milk, another form of Ormus inside a hand lotion if I recall correctly, , was simply mentioned as a side note that the cat LOVES that product taste-wise and because it is very tasty if and only with Ormus Minerals in it, it made it possible to use that to get some extra Ormus Minerals into Tut in the beginning b/c the cat would lick it up like crazy when Ormus Minerals was in Cleopatra’s milk, go figure haha! This is fine but the error is corrected for the record Ormus Minerals is the only reason this cat regrew it’s tail and the owner of the cat is the founder of the Applied Biophysics Institute, Dana Dudley! The founder used her dad’s Ormus Minerals formula,, on the cat. (Note: Just for the record: it was her father and a team of scientists that all collaborating together that created Ormus Minerals!!! It is all “their” formula.)



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