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As part of the ancient Alchemical Mysteries we recognized that in the Sacred union of Feminie the (Moon) - pituitary gland with the Masculine (Sun) - pineal gland is generated within the Grail Cup (pituitary gland) the mysterious 'Super Hormones' or 'Waters of Life.' so that your soul may blossom as Rose


The purpose of Rose Alchemy is to reveal the ancient philosophy of Rose Alchemy which is found in the word Philo - love - and Sophy or Sophia (Soul) the goddess of wisdom. It was Pythagoras who first used the term "philosopher", referring to himself as a "lover of wisdom", or of Venus, in all its significance. A wisdom that is within the body of the Great Mother--Nature and the cuplike shape of the Grail can be seen as the flowering body of Mother Nature, signifing the regeneration and spiritualization of the generative forces in human's.

World represents the Anima Mundi -- the Soul of the World.

"The Anima Mundi was considered the substance of the Philosopher's Stone. The symbols of the four evangelists in the corners represent, alchemically, the four elements, and the Anima Mundi is their mother. She is also known as the Quinta Essentia -- the essential fifth element -- which is the origin of the word 'quintessence'." --Robert Place

The rose is the symbol of Venus the goddess of love and is associated with the mystery of Generation, Passion and Lust that is, Alchemicaly transmuted into the purity of Love. The fact that a rose flower blossoms by unfolding its' petals has caused it to be chosen as an Alchemical symbol of spiritual unfoldment, the blossoming of ones' soul.

Also, Jesus the Christ is referred to as the Bright and Morning Star as is the ancient Mayan god Quetzalcoatl.

The Symbol for the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis

"The red color of the rose refers to the blood of Christ and the golden heart concealed within the midst of the flower corresponds to the spiritual gold concealed within human nature. The number of it's petals being 10 is a subtle reminder of the perfect Pythagorean number. The rose symbolizes the heart, and the heart has always been accepts by Christians as emblematic of the virtures of love and compassion, as well as the nature of Christ - the personification of these virtures." -- Manly P. Hall

In the Song of Solomon in the Bible it is written;

"I am the rose of Sharon"
"I rejoice and blossom as the rose." -- Isaiah

According to these words, the ancients knew something important to leave a message that I am the rose and I…blossom as the rose. These are early clues that the rose has always been a sacred symbol.

The cross stands wound densely round with roses.
Who has put roses on the cross?...
And from the middle springs a holy life
Of threefold rays from a single point.
— Goethe, Die Geheimnisse (1784-1786)


The topography of Dante's Spiritual World...

Key to Dante's Divine Comedy

"He (Dante) maintained the earth is round, having a hemisphere of land, in the center of which stands Jerusalem. The other hemisphere originally contained land; but when Lucifer, hurled from Heaven, was about to fall upon it, the soil 'veiled itself with the sea' and came to the other side of the globe, making a hemisphere of land and a hemisphere of water. The interior of the earth also retreated before the descending Lucifer, leaving a vast conical-shaped cavity which extends from the center of the globe to the surface of the inhabited hemisphere. The void which evil made in the world is the abode of lost souls and is divided into 9 circles, of which the 7th is subdivided into 3 smaller circles, the 8th into 10 ditches and the 9th into 4 belts. At the center of the earth, and thus at the point farthest from god, is lucifer with his head and body in one hemisphere and his legs in the other, so that when Virgil and Dante turned upon his hunch, they passed the center of gravity and emerged from one hemisphere into the other." -- Charles Alan Dinsmore
"In the midst of the hemisphere of water stands a conical mountain, purgatory rising in 7 steps. On its' summit is the terrestial paradise or Garden of Eden where Dante meets Beatrice. According to the Divine Comedy the soul climbs 7 steps of purgatory it is cleansed of the 7 mortal sins, and it then ascends the 7 planetary spheres of the universe. To each of the planets is assigned one of the 7 virtues. In the 8th sphere the soul recieves a knowledge of spiritual truths and in the 9th or the highest it is absorbed into the celestial mystery." -- Manly Palmer Hall

Dat Rosa Mel Apibus

"The rose gives the bees honey" -- Johann Thedore deBry 1598
A full fed Rose on meals of Tint
A Dinner for a Bee
In process of the Noon became—
Each bright Mortality
The Forfeit is of Creature fair
Itself, adored before
Submitting for our unknown sake
To be esteemed no more."
-- Emily Dickinson


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